Best Oral Presentation Award

Most distinguished paper combining high scientific quality and presentation significance.
The award is sponsored by the journal Minerals MDPI

Grain size distribution of rare earth elements in a passive treatment system installed in a legacy polymetallic sulfide mine in Portugal

Cynthia Obregón Castro*, Isabel Prudêncio, João Carlos Waerenborgh, Bruno Vieira, Dulce Russo, Catarina Diamantino, Edgar Carvalho, Rosa Marques

* Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias Nucleares (C2TN), Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa

Best Poster Award

Dedicated to the best presentation during the poster sessions of the conference

A Review about the methods and techniques for evaluating the waters and soils in mining regions

Ioanna Petropoulou*, Maria-Sotiria Frousiou, Eleni Vasileiou

* National Technical University of Athens

Young Researcher Αward

For the best presentation by a young scientist

Recovery of Scandium from industrial acidic solutions through ion-exchange

Eleni Mikeli*, Aikaterini Toli, Danai Marinos, Efthymios Balomenos, Dimitrios Panias

*National Technical University of Athens

Free Waiver for Young Researchers - A

Exploration potential of Cu isotope fractionation in magmatic-hydrothermal Au-rich deposits in the Cyclades continental back-arc: insights from the Aegean Kolumbo submarine arc-volcano

Nikolaos Zegkinoglou*, Stephanos Kilias, Ryan Mathur, Linda Godfrey, Vasilios Pletsas, Paraskevi Nomikou, Nina Zaronikola

*National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Free Waiver for Young Researchers - B

Sustainability Reporting in the Raw Materials Industry

Eugenia Filtikaki* Maria Vastardi, Katerina Adam

*National Technical University of Athens


2nd International Conference on
Raw Materials and Circular Economy
Athens, Greece
28 Aug – 2 Sep 2023


National Technical University of Athens School of Mining & Metallurgical Engineering
Technical Chamber of Greece


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